Sunday, 1 July 2012


12 hours glorious sleep.awoke to cd music from sunday markets in jalan gays,our street of trees,outside our window.bought papaya,pineapple,mangos and banans for breakfast.dropped off 9kg washing at FastLaundry service=32rm=$10=so nice to go back with clean clothes.then a market stroll  bought english newspapers andcolourful bracelets.
after chinese lunch we went to an opening of a kampung(village)homestay.a bit of a rentacrowd but free,loys of fun and colour,and reminded us of fun  rally functions last year.the little girls who did dancing were very pretty.then there was some adult dancing to join in.kerry and I were interviewed by media several tines,.there were the obligatory vip speeches that most people did not listen too.lots of muslim women,some with striking red sabah shirts.they had a mock wedding in a traditional house,then a traditional meal in another nice local house-great food.everyone was so friendly,and they wanted us in lots of group photos with them.
we really enjoyed KK,and are looking forward to sailing there at end of month.

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