Sunday, 1 July 2012

KK to MT KINABALU PARK HQ thur 28june2012

In the morning we found an outdoor shop to get another headlight torch,and bruce got a new hat ,and new trekking shoes-50% off sale.after lunch our tour minibus collected us for trip to mt kinabalu one reststop we could see mt kinabalu majstically above us with everchanging cloud.
On the way we stopped at the SANDAKAN WAR MEMORIAL.It was terrific.thet showed an excellent short video.then we went to the wall with names of all the dead-only 6 survived out of > 2000,australian and british mainly.beautiful gardens,fabulous view of mt K.
hq has alpine architecture and nice gardens..nice to have cool weather.buffet dinner-start the carb loading.our package includes meals and dorms.unfortuneately the 4th person in our dorm was a loud snorer.

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