Sunday, 1 July 2012

SUMMIT TRAIL 29 june2012

today we climbed from timpohon gate,at 1866 metres,to Laban Rata resthouse,3270 m ,6km.
we started with a big breakfast.then we met Juro, our guide up and down the mountain.He is 36,from a local tribe and nearby village, and much shorter than even me.we drove to Timpohon gate to start the ascent.juro showed us the map.he offered us porters but we said no thanks.we each had a name badge to wear all the tinme.we werechecked in twice goiing up,and twice going down.they lost a young backpacker last year who died,and a man died from a heart attack 2 days when juro said walk steadily we were happy.he kept a very close eye on us.we left about 9.
The first day was hard,unrelentingly up,but beautiful.the trail was excellent,and no rubbish.there were well placed reststops ,with loos (just as well as we all had travel sickness-not sure what meal).
Lunch stop at11.we  had packed lunches -sanswiches,2 apples,and 2 boiled eggs each.cold enough for us to seek shelter in the sun ,ouy of the wind.
At 2 we arrived laban rata resthose.pretty 2 story yellow building,with mt kinabalu looming over it Reminds me of smiggins ski lodge,and also huts on routburn track NZ,..inside ,upstairs is restaurant,the sign says breakfast 0200-0330!dinner not till 5,so had coffees,chocolate,and read,admiring view out big windows.Excellent carb packed.150 people a day try to summit.
after dinner ,over to our hut=gunting labadan.4 bed bed by 8.we get up in 6 hours.

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