Sunday, 1 July 2012


We made it!such a good feeling.also feel relieved,sore,and very tired.
toaday we went from 3273m to Lows peak,4095m,then back down to timpohon gate at is 2.7km up  to summit,8.7km back down,total=11.4 km.It was hard,but doable,and very worthwhile.I was glad we had done so much walking since we left raffles gym ,where my fitness program started when kerry said she had booked climb!juro told us that of 100/150 made summit today.
up at 2am.down to laban rata for breakfast and coffee.about 3am departed our lodge.wering thermal top and bottom,and pants,as initially felt hot going up.gradually put more clothes on.after one hour we reached sayar-sayar hut,3668m,where were checked halfway we were on exposed granite,with chilly wind,so now wearing all layers-plus shirt polar jacket,wind  jacket,beanie and gloves.we now followed thick ropes in the dark,using them to pull us up steeper parts.otherwise our walking poles were invaluable.ahead and behind,a long procession of headtorches,going steadily up.
Juro said go steadily so not arrive before sunset as too cold .he was right.we made the summit on sunrise,fabulous view and atmosphere,but very cold,so after 10-15 minutes,started our descent.we could now see what was in the dark on the way up.fabulous scenary.great slabs of granite making huge slopes,with sharp angular surrounding peaks.followed ropes backdown,getting checked off,then a grat view of basecamp huts,and villages beyond in distance.
cold going up
below summit with juro,our guide

sunrise from summit,from low's peak,looking over lows gully

kerry and sophie descending,just below summit
amazing scenary

basecamp below kerry

looking back up to summit

its official!
back at our lodge by 8,slept for an hour,had a light breakfast,and at 10 ,still had another 6 km to go.hard work on the thighs.down down down.water and dark chocolate at each reststop.halfway down there was a lovely view of dark stark mtn with swirling white cloud.back at park HQ we went to buffet lunch but only had fruit and coffee.we got our colour certificates for making summit(black and white if you dont summiy).bus back to KK,shower,no meal, all in bed asleep by 7!

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