Tuesday, 31 July 2012

KUDAT 01aug2012

The start of another month- time to turn another page on the photo calendar the twins did for us on the boat(so soph and kerry change to nic and pip in nz).
Lovel sleep.leisurely breakfast.then trip planning,from here to sandakan,via thru many islands and reefs- probably 3-4 stops,hopefully some good snorkellinf,possibly some diving,then up the kinbatangan river,hopefully seeing pygmy elephants,probuscis monkeys,hornbills and crocs,then back to sandakan for final rally dinner,and sandakan (death march) memorial service.

Get info from rally notes,cruising guide to S E Asia ( but 1998=too old) and from recent sail blogs - thanks to yachts pacific express,sanna,pied a mer,thyme.

Also just subscribed to BUOY WEATHER.for about -
A$80 per year we can get marine weather forecasts,for up to 7 days,for any lat/ long in the world.just click on a google map.wind speed,direction,gust. Sea height,direction and frequency,tides currents,even thermal maps.can also come thru HF radio like sailmail grib files.also use local met service when internet available.

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