Saturday, 30 March 2013

ADAMS PEAK 23 march 2013 sri lanka

Probably our sri lankan highlight.
Departed our guesthouse 0230 and were soon on climbing up the 1800 steps.we were amazed  at the constant stream of local pilgrims going up and down.those coming down had obviously had a long night,.many were elderly.many carried childeren.the women were all dresed in white.most of the ascent is well lit.there were many teahouses,so we went steadily up,stopping several times for a cup of refresnhing tea.
The higher we got ,the steeper the steps,and narrower.
0530 we were at last teahouse,50 meters from summit.then we we on top.lots of people.BEfore dawn the sky started turning red,and as sun rose there was a gasp from crowd,cameras aloft,buddhist flags aflutter,a drum started beating slowly,then buddhist ceremony music started playing.all rather special.
Looking west,the shadow of adams peak was clearly visible.
The band did a procession around the temple,and a monk led a service.lots of buddhist believers.seems to be an active religion ,for all agegroups.
Then the big descent.nice to see in daytime now.lots of colourful prayerflags.
Breakfast,shower,and drive to Kandy.

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