Saturday, 9 March 2013


MON4March-up anchor and over to KOH YANG,more gorgeous limestone stack scenary.Dinghied over to KOH PING KAN,better known as James Bond island,made famous by 1974 film,the man with the golden gun.smallsland,big cliffs,small beach,tall thin pillar of rock in water in front of beach.
KOH PAN YI was our next dinghy is a muslim village set below soaring cliffs with houses built on stilts over very touristy with lots of daytrippers who come in speedboats and loud longtails,lined up in front of 8 large waterfront restaurants.we had a nice lunch,strolled allround village,and had some nice coffees.back to Haven.
then sailed over to KOH HONG(phang nga bay).Lots of kayakers.after they left we took dinghy around to n w entrance to lovely lagoon.then swim thru to two hongs.left lagoon via another beautiful small hong,exiting on south side.

TUE5Mar2013-a loval fishing couple in a small longtail came over and we bought some large fresh green prawns.then we went to KOH HONG ARCHIPELAGO,near Krabi.took dinghy into large internal lagoon.another scenic spectacle with steep walls,stalactites,several longtails and mangroves.then dinghied around to south side beach for sophies geocache.we wenrt on the tsunami trail and found it with help of handheld GPS.big tsunami warning signs everywhere.had a swim at a most impressive beach-small curved sandy beach,with big rock on end and huge cliff other end.very popular with many daytrippers.
put dinghy on deck and motorsailed over to RAI LEI BEACH.dropped anchor just before sunset,with the huge expanse of cliffs looking most impressive.
we had the prawns for dinner-cooked with garlic,ginger and soy sauce,they were the best ever.

WEDNESDAY6March,2013-dinghy over to rai lei west beach.already lots of longtails.there are resorts and restaurants,but no road access-all by boat.
did a geocache with sophie.
we walked over to east beach,and watched the rock climbers on the steep cliffs-fascinating.we found a the cute path towards pra nang beach-it follows clifvf face ,with lots of overhanging s,tites.detoured to lookout-very steep climb,grat view.then very steep climb down to SA PHRA NANG lagoon-lots of ropes.nice at lagoon,then only way out =back up steep climg to top,then down to path,and on to PRA NANG BEACH & CAVE.cave has colourful offerings.another very popular beach.huge cliff at one end,so beatiful.lots of longtails tied up outside swimming section,some selling cooked meals,so tsty lunch on the sand.
a big climb to lookout,via a cave,with dark caverns and steep ladders-all a bit indiana the top some russian tourists were preparing to take he short route down=abseiling.we walked back,had a cooling swim,more late longtail lunch,walk back via east beach,to west beach to dinghy ,to next geocache.
we went around south headland,where there was a small rocky island below a tall thin stack-scenary so good.sophie found the geocache.a lot of swell ,so she jumped off rock into sea,then into dinghy!
back to haven for showers,and then over to beach over from rai lei for dinner.magic evening,looking west to sunset,and north and south to the big cliffs

THUR7March2013-back to AU chalong.arranged car hire and had a beer at phuket cruising yacht club,then went up street for chalong does have a seedy ambience.
Boat jobs tomorrow,and depart next day

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