Saturday, 16 March 2013

MALACCA STRAIT passage,phuket to JOHOR BARU.march 2013

4 days and nights,540 nm.
Departed au chalong 0700'and arrived puteri marina,about 9am,so 98 hours.only sailed about 7 hours .
,as not enough wind,so motor/motorsailed the rest.
We stayed way off fishtraps.lots of big ships,especially south of port klang.we then went along edge of shipping lane. The AIS on cockpit chartplotter was fabulous,with an alarm when any big ship too near.some fishing boats but not a problem.
Sophie cooked dinner every night and the meals were fabulous
She also did active aerobics daily and got kerry involved.the captain did stepups  and situps in the cockpit.
After we arrived at marina,we did immigration,then boatjobs to leave boat for 2 months.
We plan to have weekend in singapore with tom and barb on gosi at one .15.hen fly to sri lanka with sophie for 2 weeks

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