Saturday, 30 March 2013

KANDY 24-3-2013

KANDY is described as the cultural capitol of sri lanka,and is in the highlands,in the middle of country.In the middle is kandy lake,made by last king,before british conquered in 1800s.we went for early morning walk around lake.huge beautiful trees.we went past royal bathing pavilion and tooth relic
After breakfast we drove to the temple,the most famous as houses a buddhist tooth
After buying our tickets we crossed the moat into temple.I think the temple must have initially been the last kings palace.
It was puja time and the temple was packed with locals in white ,bearing offerings,maimly flowers- lotus or purple lily,with loud religious band all got a bit crowded upstairs where offerings were made--but I found it very moving.after that we strolled around the rest of temple complex,which is quite large,lots of other buildings and tlittle temples.
In the pm we drove to Sigiriya,where we plan to climb the rock tomorrow.booked into guesthouse,then walked to little village.a few backpacker places and cafes.chooty cafe had great food which we enjoyed at our roadside seats under a colourful umbrella watching the world go by,and talking to some young backpackers

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