Saturday, 30 March 2013


Up 0430'for 0500 pickup by our safari jeep,then drive before dawn to park which opened at 0600'.this park is in south east sri lanka,with an some border being is famous for its LEOPARDS.however after 4 hours of intense watching we saw none.we did some footprints.but it was fun driving around.the waterbuffalo silohetted by rising sun were terrific.lots of birdlife ,especially in the lagoons- but best was the little green bee eater.we also saw mongooses,distant jackels,elusive spotted deer,wildboar,and one elephant  up close,who came up to our jeep and put his trunk inside looking for food.
In the pm we headed  north to the tea country.the scenary climbing steadily upwards was fabulous- little narrow tar road,green grass and trees.then we were driving between tea plantations.more beautiful scenary.lots of neat rock terracing,neat little dirt roads to neat little villages.we arrived at Hapatule,set on a ridge,with great views.reminded me of nepal.checked into our guesthouse,then out walking- fruitshop,cafe for vege rotis and teas,a shop to buy knife and plates for our yoghurt and oats and fruit breakfasts,then a stroll out amongdt the tea plantations,.

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