Saturday, 30 March 2013

SIGIRIYA- a fabulous rock.24mar2013

Another highlight.
This is a golden rock,380 mters high,sticking out above surrounding forest and the 5th century,buidings and terraces were made on its 1.6 acre summit.below were lovely terraced gardens.surrounding these were a high earth rampart with stone terracing,then a moat,then another outer wall,all still in great condition.steep steps start going up the rock face,then a modern steel stairs,then a circular caged staircase,hanging off side of vertical cliff,to get to the ancient frescoes of apsaras,=buxom an original walkway to lion terrace,about halfway up,so called because of the 2 massive lions paws.priginally this end of the rock had a was covered bt a huge lion made of a steep steel staircase leads to surviving buildings- just lots of brick foundations and terraces,accentuated by green grass,slightly reminisent of machou pichu.some said fort,or palace- consensus says monastery.great views.
Brehfast at chooty,we had hoppers.sort of crispy pancake in half ball shape with elephant went slowly past with some japanese tourists.4

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