Saturday, 30 March 2013


Kerry and sophie left early with driver to do the Worlds End Walk.they said it was great,.
I decided to do a train trip.Hapatule to Hatton,leaving at took 3 hours.a 2nd class ticket was 130 rupees(A1$).most of the local went 3rd class.2nd class was bery nice,modern and clean.I had frequent visits to the buffet cat for vege rotis and cups of tea,and spent most of trip hanging out an open doorway ,enjoying the spectacular scenary of this altitude train trip.presumably the track was built by the british.lots of tunnels and bridges to get through the high hills.some forests of tall pines,and of huge gumtrees,and neat vege gardens,but mainly neverending tea plantations.many have neat green and white signs giving name- often sounding very british.
In the pm we drove to Dalhousie,as we plan to climb Adams Peak,sri lankas holiest mountain,tomorrow.nice guest house and our balcony has a great view of adams peak,a tall pointy peak,looming above us,.can just make out the monastery building on top.we walked into the little village.we got some headtorch batteries,as plan to start walking 0230 to be there by sunrise.then we bought some fruit.walking further ,we went past numerous colourful stalls selling offerings for the pilgrims,and found the starting point of walk proper,.later we returned for a meal of khottu-made by frying noodles and veges,then chopping on hotplate with huge cacophony of sound.

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