Wednesday, 7 August 2013

ARRIVE REUNION-30july,2013

An easy overnight motorsail-little wind,or swell.could see the lights of reunion before dawn.easy entrance to Le Port.long rectangular basin,with marina down far end,.marina staff directed us to raft up to a catamaran as marina full.nice still water,and hills and mountains above to follow.
immigration came the next day.
The cat was called Island Coyote,and had left mauritius with us.we now chatted to Pascale &Mimi,and found out that they had just started their circumnavigation!

With help from lonely planet
A french territory, since 1648
Population 800,000,60% creole,25% indian,rest european and chinese
Language very french,some creole.french street and road signs,and they drive on other side of road.
Sugar cane,fish,and tourism,but large subsidy from france
Modern with good infrasructure.
new freeway 1/2way around island.most cars are newish,little french diesels.good for the steep twisty hill /mountain roads.supermarkets-french food-wines,cheeses,baguettes,even eggs and beef from france
About 50km diameter.fringing reef.grey black rock coast,some blach sand/pebble beaches,then sugarcane hills,then the central mountains,and volcano down south.

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