Monday, 19 August 2013

HELL-BOURG to LA NOUVELLE,day 3,Reunion,aug2013

14 km,8 hours walking,17 km,ascend 900m,descend 1200 m,not much flat(thanks to philippe for this info)
Looked out of our gite dorm at. 0600 and saw stars and clear predawn sky.walked down to patissarie for breakfast at. 0630  -3 hot coffees and some nice pastries.CAught  0707 bus to Ilet -a-Vidot,saving 1/2 walk along road.Started walking about 0730-uphill.lovely stop at Le Grand Sable,on river edge for morning snack.
Then up through a magic forest of pines,ferns and so much moss/ lichen - real hobbit land
Then more up,g to the pass between the. 2 cirques,COL DE FOURCHE
Great view down into Cirue de Mafate,the smallest,surrounded by steep mountains,no cars or roads,just walking paths,and la nouvelle in the distance
Descent,to PLANE des TAMARINS.magic twisted old trees draped in lichen,some clear areas of yellow grass,otherwise very green,with lots of logs to make path for wet dry,so no mud,and pretty
Then a long descent to the little village of LA NOUVELLE.arrived at dusk,sat and enjoyed the ambience,with a cold DoDo beer.small colourful wooden buildings,separated by neat grass,no cars,no roads,no power poles.
A lovely,tiring,long day.
Found our gite,a small green hut with 2bedrooms.the other couple were young sth africans,who promptly made us coffees on the verandah ,on their camping stove
We shared a pleasant gite dinner with them.marius and esme got our contact details so they could visit us on Haven in le port later

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