Friday, 30 August 2013

BICYCLE Madagascar 29aug13

bicycled out of town,past the church,then out on rural untarred roads.lots of little villages,with small road side shops and small houses.
most locals walk.some bicycles,a few scooters,occasional vehicle
lots of washing out drying.regular wells for locals to get their water
lots of happy children out playing
no obesity
lots of women in groups,wearing colourful clothes,often with one woman braiding another womans hair
and they all seem happy and content
so a low GDP does not mean unhappiness,as a high GDP does not mean happiness
back into town.other transport options are a trucks,old minivans,older Renault 4 cars,little tuk tuks and bicycle cabs.shops are mainly old timber,some brightly painted,hardware and tourist shops,tin or thatched rooves,colourful cafes,a new 2 story building where we got internet for dongle,and phone sim card.
in the back streets the shops are smaller and rougher,selling 2nd hand clothes,food stalls,bicycle repair shops .
the local market is good for tomatos,carrots,potatos and bananas.we bought a kilo of Zebu fillet steak

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