Wednesday, 7 August 2013

LIONS HEAD WALK ,mauritius 28 july 2013

This was an excellent day walk.we went with GG.Nick drove the little black hire car.
we paid to park in a private sugarcane carpark,.the family children then walked 1st part with us,( photo later) showing us an initial better route up.
Stopped at rocky outcrop for great views over coast and sugarcane fields.
Then upwards,almost to summit,stopping for lunch at viewpoint,where cloud came and went,but when went,a fabulous vista,over ocean,with colourful local sailing boats,with fringing reef beyond,and between,a lovely pattern of sugarcane fields,yellow ripe,green growing and brown ploughed,with little towns and a white indian temple.magic.
Then a steep hairy scramble to the summit,where the view was .......
All white,a white out!
Then a big descent,back to car,start driving home,stop at little indian coffee,and a  2 nd lunch.
Usual enjoyable sugarcane field s scenary on trip back

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