Thursday, 29 August 2013

SAIL to MADAGASCAR august 2013

Another easy Indian Ocean crossing.
400nm,770km,4 days,3 nights.
the weather forcast said a good window of mild weather and was correct.on the 2nd and third day the wind was behind,so we poled out genoa one side,with mainsail out the other.the wind came around and was stronger day 4,so nice hydrovane sailingat an easy 6 knots.
our prepared pork stew,with daily additions and variations sustained us across,plus Kerry baked bread
Kerry reading a book set in france called Provence.Bruce read Baldacci and Manlell thrillers on Kindle.
we kept in contact with Green Ghost who were crossing with us,on twice daily HF sked.As we closed shore Tegan 1 called in on VHF-yhey got here a week before.
we saw a few ships on AIS.We only saw one ship visually,no fishing boats,no planes,no rubbish in different from sailing in asia.
Late pm day 4 we sighted land,= Madagascar! As we came around below the little island of Ile aux Nattes,skirting the extensive fringing reef, we entered a large pod of WHALES!
Breeding season,so not unexpected.lots of spouts,breechings and near sightings.
We dropped anchor off ILE SAINTE MARIE,just before sunset.GGcame in ,in the dark,afew hours later,and dropped anchor next to us.
So another good passage ,and safe arrival,at another new country

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