Monday, 19 August 2013

LA NOUVELLE to CILAOS,fay 4,14/08/2013

From cirque de mafate,over col du taibit,back to cilaos
14km,6km ascending,,6km descending,with 2 km on the flat(per Philippe again)
Off at nice early in day,not worth waiting for gite breakfast.
Spectacular scenary,up and down,watching sunrise cast huge shadows on cliffs,.
After 2hoursstarted seeing MARLA ahead.a very pretty smaller village.we had a french breakfast,shared with some village goats,then stopped at epicerie for fresh baguettes ,passed the recycling station= in big bags for helicopter,then looked up at pass between the 2 cirques.
It was a steep.  2 hour climb to COL DU TAIBIT.we were rewarded with a fabulous view both ways.
Then a 2 hour descent to bus stop,at D 242 road,where 5 minutes later we caughtbthe bus to CILAOS
Amazing hairpin road,in luxery pink bus.
At cilaos,waited 5 minutes,and caught bus to had lunch on bus,baguette and dates,and admired the stunning scenary,and skill od bus driver- another pink large luxery bus,with narrow twisty road,more hairpin bends,and tight tunnels.
So nice to get back to  Haven,shower,early dinner and bed.
A fabulous 5 days of hiking the 3Cirques,and ascending the highest mountain,.

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