Wednesday, 7 August 2013


While in Rodriuges a catamaran arrived.It was called MARGOT
As I was ashore,I went over to say hello ,with 2 fresh baguettes,and-a large cold bottle of the local Phoenix beer .
Robert,had just bought the cat in noumea,and with no prior sailing experience,with his brother and a friend,was bringing it back to reunion,where he lived,and where the previous owner had departed..
So a circumnavigationIn the cockpit was a200 litre drum for extra diesel.they had stopped twice to refuel-in thePacific and port moresby PNG!and dropped anchor twice-to sleep,in torres strait.they were refueling,but not stopping in rodriuges.before leaving robert gave me his tel number and a bottle of french wine,and said to catch up in Reunion
When we got to Reunion,Margot,his cat was tied up just in front of us,and Robert came over the next day for coffee and chat and invited us to dinner at his home later in week
Dinner at his house was a great night,with his partner Nicole,son Pierre,and pascale and mimi,from island coyote,lovely house in the hill,fabulous food and to follow
Robert plans to circumnavigate in a few years.
Since then they have been to our boat,and alaso to Island coyote for drinks,and there has been one more dinner at roberts house,this time also came petima,green ghost,and the 3island coyote children,teddy,william and swan.
We hope to rRobert&Nicole ,on Margot,inAustralia one day!

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