Thursday, 29 August 2013


Why are we in Madagascar? well its the best route to South Africa.
and its a new country.we want to see a new culture,lemurs and baobab trees.
the lonely planet tells me:
population 20 million
a very "poor" country,(my italics-see cycling blog to follow)
high birth rate
populated 2000nyears ago from asia,then arab and African contributions.they look more African to us.
 A long island,about 1000 km north to south,about 400 km across.
they eat rice 3 times a day.with lunch ,dinner may also have meat.local cattle are called Zebu
in the 1600,s the Malagasy kings exported 150,000 slaves!
French from 1896 to independence1958
turbulent political history
main languages French and Malagasy.Signs in french

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