Tuesday, 12 February 2013

havelock beach number 7. feb12,2013

fabulous day.motorsailed into noreasterly from port blair,20 nm to havelock island.anchored in lovely long bay off long sandy beach with huge green trees behind and above.dinghy ashore and lunch at little blue cafe called daydream restaurant.nice food.lots of european accents.then a long walk thru tall primevil trees, parallel to beach.we met two men out walking a particularly large elephant.
back along the beach.stopped at a lagoon between rocks for sunset swim.lots of cool westerners.then back along beach with huge red sun getting lower in sky behind us-so pretty-reflections on water and wet sand..as we approached end of walk there were about 100 indian tourists enjoying the spectacular late afternoon.About half of them has their bags,or shoes,or selves on our dinghy!with some reluctance they moved so we could return to Haven..
just time for a beer in cockpit reading 'A Fortunate life"by A B Facey till too dark.kerry cooking fried rice,tracey chapman on the ipod.fabulous day.

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