Sunday, 10 February 2013


Wwere disappointed when the 15hp outboard just repaired and serviced by yamaha man in port blair refused to we paddled ashore.spotted several spotted deer who ran away.did a big walk up a big hill.great views.we saw one small fishing boat,which left.otherwise total isolation-just us.home for lunch.
Haven was surprised when everyone then went to sleep.refreshed we took dinghy out again.this time the 2 hp outboard worked perfectly.on the beach was a huge monitor lizard.when it saw us it ran away rapidly.snorkelling was big boulders on rippled sand with a few nice fish,and no coral.island looks so pretty in pm sunlight.
Haven also surprised at other new activities aboard-vigorous exercise sessions in salon with loud music,sunbaking on foredeck,sleeping on cabin roof under shade covers,excessive use of sailmail(boyfriends),sleeping after sunrise& new ipod music.
mutton masala and rice for dinner.not as tender as at home.

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