Tuesday, 19 February 2013

neill island 18feb13

awoke in a very pretty anchorage.one catamaran,which left early.a deserted island-except for one dog-which had an eerie howl overnight.we saw it running along the beach this morning-still with a soulful sad howl.went for a lovely snorkel off reef point henry lawrence island-great vis and fish.altho only 3 goodsize fish and they were very shy-no wonder with a fishing net all along reef overnight.After lunch,changed port to starboard fuel tank,and started the engine,which kept stopping-air in fuel filter guage-no problem,just undo and bleed it,but still stopping,and more air.then realised fuel tank was turned off!(not by us-someone at boat lagoon marina).then started making water ,but bad smell-check manual=nasty plankton,so time to put in a new 5 micron filter=nice water!always something new for us to learn.eventually made it to neill island anchorage,where 2 french yachts already were.but huge clouds,and wind on shore from northwest,so headed around to southern (ocelot) anchorage..some thunder,wind and a few drops of rain.played canasta after dinner.

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