Sunday, 17 February 2013


after a leisurely morning we motorsailed 5nm to inglis island for a snorkel.then after lunch we continued south,5nm to henry lawrence island, anchoring up from cliff headland off sandy beach.a local colourful fishing boat arrived towing 2 skiffs,one of which was loaded with nets.then big boat departed.the 3 men rowed he skiff past haven,big happy smiles,no motor ,putting out net along beachfront.early dinner-spagetti with sauce made from potatos,canned tomatoes,olives,and fried eggplant ,garlic and onion.the crew said it was very nice.another boat arrived before sunset.finnished the moonshine logs by a solloo sailor who went in first ostar race in 1976 on a valiant 40,and the first boc solo around the world yacht race ,1982-3,age 57-impressive achievement and pleasant reading,but hard work,sleep deprivation and close calls-not my cup of re-reading ian mcewan-a fat man in history-bizarre short stories.kerry reading kerry rogers bio and hal roth storms at sea book,and soph just started lionheart=jesse martin bio,and liv reading -crossing the ditch-the 2 ozzies who kayaked oz to new zealand.all very peaceful out here.

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