Thursday, 14 February 2013


after watching an elephant swimming in the bay we went 20 nm north to north button island .3 yachts and one catamaran at anchor, in south bay,protected from noreasterly. dropped anchor in 23 meters and can see bottom.pretty little island with sandy beach,sandspit to left,a small central cream cliff and lots of trees. no buildings,no people.kerrys bread was almost ready to come out of oven,so got dinghy ready,then a tasty lunch of fresh bread,ham,cheese a,mustard and pepper.this necessitated a postprandiol nap.then ndinghy ashore,where the ladies walked around the island ,and i went to talk to a french man about snorkelling.less fish than last year,and the humphead parrotfish have gone-he said.had a nice long snorkel.lots of dead coral.must have been spectacular once.enough fish.after dinner we played canasta-kerry and liv won well.finnished "a Fortunate Life"-v.good,( an oz classic)reminds me of my fathers and grandparents life.browsing south america travel guide0sophie is having year off uni,travelling with chris in 2nd half of year overseas but not decidd where yet.sth america looks good .liv plans to go there next year,and we will probably reading "Deranged Marriage" a funny book about arranged marriages amongst indian people-set in australia,but somewhat appropriate being here.apparently in india 96% are arranged,but here only1/3. staying here tomorrow.

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