Monday, 11 February 2013

port blair outboard motors 11feb2013

we arrived back in port blair at 0930 after a nice motor sail into brisk north easterly.we rang the yamaha man to come out to haven.he said the leaking carburetter in the 15 hp was due to dirt,and there was some in fuel filkter.not sure how it gets thru then ran but no power.he then said we had put in wrong sparkplugs last week.he obviously had not replaced them during his service.he did now,and it ran well.later I when I checked the manual,it said both types were all very strange.
with the little 2 hp he said they had forgot to change sparkplug during service!he put a new one in and it ran well.later I checked the manual and his new plug is not specified.later it stopped again. all very strange!i will just have to get it fixed properly in phuket.
we went ashore with the 15hp,having a run around the harbour,past the floating dock,several ships at anchor,tha coastguard with 10 boats,the navy with a dozen,then the huge dutch passenger liner which had just come in and dwarfed all other craft,then an old white smaller liner,then some small cargo boats,some steel,some oldfashioned wood.and having come all along waterfront were now in little chatham boat basin,where the boat boy was waiting as usual to take and mind our dinghy.we pay him 100 rupees for half a day or 200 rp /day.
we then got 2 tuk tuks to aberdeen bazaar.the usual rate is 80 rupees for 2 they wanted US$20!-as the cruise ship was disgorging its wealthy passengers! we negotiated indian rupees and were off to aberdeen bazaar.this area has several covered markets and lots of small busy streets.the women all wear colourful saris.the shops are full of goods and colour,spilling out onto footpaths.lots of black and yellow noisy tuk tuks,black and yellow old fashioned ambassador taxis,and cows serenely walking in middle of trafic.very few private cars-usually susuki marutis= very small.
at the bazaar we stocked up on fruit and veges, had chai for 3 rp,went to the halal chicken shop to get 2 frozen chickens.the locals get a fresh chicken from one on display and have it killed there in front of you and dressed,but the crew declined.
we had an early dinner at our favourite indian restaurant,where our meal highlight was the crab masala.tuk tuk back,dinghy past the "rotterdam",now impressivel all lit up with party lights from bow to stern.we put our blue flashing light on deck,as usual,and had an early night.tomorrow we head north to havelock island,probably number 7 beach anchorage.

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