Friday, 22 February 2013


Today Olivia flew out and we got ready for departure tomorrow.we emptied our 4 x 20 L jerry cans diesel into main fuel tanks,then put them into dinghy, along with with Olivias luggage,3 bags of plastic/glass rubbish and 5 bags of dirty clothes & us 4. At 8 am a very full dinghy departed Haven for chatham dock.Umapata the boat boy was waiting,as was Vijay our taxidriver.first stop was laundry lady.then diesel.then harbour master,1st step in getting port clearance.then to airport for olivia to catch plane home to australia-via kalcuta and singapore,to start year 3 of uni .back to harbour master to collect signed port clearance.back on main road,we saw all our laundry out drying on line along the road,with a huge amount of other washing out in sun.back to dinghy to unload diesel,and scored a big cleaned fish from sportfishing boat,.scaled and filleted it on haven.back for more diesel,and next stop,customs,but a delay for 1 & 1/2 hours,so next door for local lunch,then internet cafe.we had bought internet for our computer but basically stop immigration.they have to stamp our passports but only 2 hours before departure,at dinghy dock,so see them again early to Aberdeen bazaar for fruit,vege and one frozen stop scuba shop to get new mask we bought last week fixed-they couldnot-so gave us a new one.laundry waiting for us at dinghy dock..Back to Haven as sun was setting. a busy day.cooked some of the free fish for dinner-delicious.lovely evening on Haven,in port blair harbour,another 2 yachts and 2 cats anchored near us,local ferries going to and fro,big ships tied up and at anchor,bright lights of docks across the water.
so we have enjoyed our two weeks in the Andamans.the islands were nice,the snorkelling also nice,but not as good as expected,havelock island great-anchorage at beach number 7 with great sunsets,elephant,taxi trip across rural hinterland,lunch at full moon cafe, & laccam harbour-chai,neill island an unexpected daytrip ashore,and finally port blair=terrific-the indian culture,food,chais and friendly people,easy dinghy dock and taxi,aberdeen bazaar,the harbour,local boats,the tuk tuks and the many cows walking serenely along the main roads.
so tomorrow set sail for phuket.sophie will continue travelling with us till singapore.

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