Thursday, 7 February 2013


Nice sail 50 nm to koh miang,one of the similan islands,making drinking water from the sea on our new watermaker
we got last mooring , near windpony in front of main beach.very pretty group of little islands,with sandy beaches, soaring trees,and headlands with huge boulders.several dive boats in bay.after swim,tried outboard which wouldnt start.were going over to windpont for dick kindly picked us up.lovely meal and evening.
we stayed for 2 days,snorkelling and relaxing.soph and i had one delightful snorkel with a turtle.dick and lyn took us over to the passage in their dinghy-great water clarity and the tropical fish had such vivid colour.
i swam in to main beach.there is a large resort ,ranger station and naval base on island,all almost invisible from sea because of planning and dese forest foliage.found some-one to look at our big outboard but no luck.he did get our little outboard going however-just water in petrol.we depart for andamans tomorrow,and winpony head back to phuket.

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