Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Fixing the anchor winch was not as sraightforward as expected.
the new phlange had arrived from australia.when removed old broken phlange gearbox oil came out.to refill had to remove gearbox.to do that we had to remove windlas.luckily we had taken photos during inofstallation.We could not have completed the project without the help of Alf on D0bedo-thanks Alf.we needed o new gasket,which Alf made.also a new metal key,which i made,after instruction from alf,with vice,hacksaw and blade.I even watched a hacksaw tutorial on youtube first!the bush on motor shadt was worn and needed remedial filing.the phlange holes were not exact-alf revised them.then we put oil in gearbox,attached the motor,then reinstalled windlas,and it worked!It was interesting seeing how Alf diagnosed each problem and solved it.It was another learning curve and more experience for us.So we all went out to our favourite bbq duck and rice chinese fto celebrate.
On our final day we went into town to do customs and immigration,supermarket to provision,paid marina bill,went looking unsucssfully for aunt dell,s friend oi chin,did diesel and water,and changed engine gearbox oil.
Copout came in in the afternoon,en route to langkawi,having just sold their catamaran to adam and kay on lucid dream.so lots to talk about during sundowners on copout.

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