Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Another busy night-hundreds od little sqid boats,some with fishnets out with flags with little lights.a few tugs and cargo boats also in our zone.the shipping channel ended after port klang ,so no narrow procession of big ships. Lightning all night but no storms over us so far.kerry had a morning nap. passed pangkor- bigger fishing boats pulling nets.then not mant boats at all.shipping channel ended shortly after port klang yesterday.so easier navigation now.we both did exercise .midday nap for bruce.a lovely afternoon just sailing-so nice without engine noise.sunset tonic water with lime,then dinner.now approaching penangisland.sails down and engine on as we approach channel between penang and mainland.lots of thunder and lightning-but we got through without being hit or wet.under the new bridge being built-Ithink it is 11km long.then the bright lights of penang-lots of tall buildings,under 2nd bridge.lots of ships,most at anchor,plus little boats out fishing,with nets strung between little flags with little lights,anchored off straits quay marina aboiut 11pm,to await high tide,and a lovely few hours sleep.375nm,3 days,ave 5.7 knots.a pleasant passage.

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