Sunday, 14 October 2012

TAWAU to KOTA KINABALU .film festival.300912

We started breakfast with some fresh fruit from nearby market.them lovel omelettes at hawker stand,with several cups of coffee,doing some postcards and watching the world go by-love a relaxed travel day.Caught afternoon flight to KK.on plane read in Borneo Post newspaper,see photo,about the 1937 film "Borneo" being shown in KK at borneo eco film as we had a 5 hour stopover,we went and saw it.It was nmade by an american couple,who had their own dismantable seaplane.we 1st heard about them through agnes keith housr which has their original kerosene fridge,and agnes keiths book below the wind.the man was killed before film was edited,so it had never been shown in borneo before.a classic film,altho patronosing,not in colour,and the finale is the capture of a superb male orang utan,destined for a zoo in USA?
Late flight back to Haven in Miri

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