Thursday, 20 September 2012

BACK TO BORNEO mon19-tue20/09/2012

We pulled the anchor and chain upoby hand,and left about 6,followed by azzan and veedon fleece.
we are aiming for miri,but could stop at kota kinabalu.480 nm to miri marina in sarawak,.we fly to sipidan mon 24 sept to go diving.160 nm to balabac,philippines island just below palawan,55nm ocross balabac strait,where weather could be worst,then 85nm to KK in sabah,then 180 nm to miri,passing brunei on the way.
In the afternoon there were rolling storms and rain along coast,but over land and not over us. the rain flattened the sea and storms gave better wind angle.the forcast had said sw winds and we are going sw=not good.
the other 2 boats stopped to anchor for the night,we continued on.
Overnight some stars came outand we made good progress.In the 1st 30 hours we motorsailed24 and just sailed 6 hours.
We downloaded the grib files wind weather via HF radio,which showed good wind angle in balabac strait=from west,so plan not to stop at balabac island,and go overnight 4pm we passed the tip of balabac island=leaving the philippines.while returning against the sw monsoon(easier coming back in ne monsoon which starts dec),and copping bad weather from typhoon effect,we are really glad we came to the philipines.we saw some amazing scenary,kayaking, wreck diving,leper museum,some great anchorages,and especially visiting a new country-culture,food,history.
we started crossing balabac strait1600 hrs,had a great run,and reached borneo 0200 hrs

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