Saturday, 8 September 2012


we motored over to Culion Town in a few hours,no wind,but smooth seas,and great scenary surrounded by calamian islands.culion looks good as we approached-prominent church,stilt houss over water,other houses going up hill,then a large bare hill with radio towers.on side of hill some sort of insignia,and big jesus statue.kerrys bread for lunch on haven in culion harbour,then dinghy ashore.first stop was the hospital to go to the leper museum,which was fabulous..they show a nice little historical video.when the americans took over philippines(1898) they established a leper colony on culion,which was biggest,or one of biggest,in the american pathologist ,dr wade,worked there for 50 years.a lot bof his medical equipment is on display,including a room of leprosy and postmortem slides.a lot of the leper colony infrastructure survives,making the town walk 1740 they had a small fort ,enclosing a small church.unfortuneately the leper colony used most of the fort walls to enlarge the church,but one corner bulwark survives,with 2 cannon.climbed church tower for good view of haven and harbour.also climbed the 350 steps up hill to statue of jesus.then back to haven for dinner.the leper colony is now closed,but culion town was well worth the visit.

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