Friday, 28 September 2012

DIVE SIPIDAN DAY 2 - wed 26/09/2012

They said there was another big storm overnight ,,which I Slept through.It remained overcast for most of our stay.would have been nice to have had some sun,but is the rainy  season,and less crowded,so ended up with 3 days diving sipidan.
kerry hired an underwater camera for today.some of the shots came out adds another dimension to we will have to do some research and get one.
3 dives again today.highlights of first dive were the humphead parrot fisg again,but this time,not busily swimming,just hovering in current.also the jackfish- a huge school again,ditto the barracuda.
Dive 2 had over 50 reef sharks,many just resting on bottom,others swimming close,all putting on a great turtles.
Dive 3-a drift dive- turtles and sharks,and lots of coral fish at 5 meter ,3 minute,decompression stop.
Amazing to be back by midday,hot shower and  nice lunch by 1pm,having done 3 fabulous dives.So pm read and nap.then 6pm,donned scuba gear,descended by lift,for a night dive,under the oil rig.the fish look so bright in the torch light.some some cute,and some ugly hermit crabs,lion fish, and parrot fish withteeth that a dentist would drool over.7 pm dinner. The noticeboard says we dive SIPIDAN again tomorrow! So 8 pm bed.

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