Thursday, 20 September 2012

morning swim wed 19sept2012,sailing sabah storms 10am

good morning,decided to continue overnight,crossing philippines to malaysia.good crossing.picked up vibration early am which on 3 prior occasions meant rope caught aroundpropellor after sunrise I went overboard with mask and fins,and a rope tied around my waist,went under haven and removed offending piece of old rope.kerry has made bread dough,so fresh baked bread for lunch.we are sailing along n w coast of sabah ,borneo.we passed my kinabalu,but most of it covered by cloud.then whole sky
clouded over,we just got hit by storm,now just driving rain and wind on nose again,the less glamorous side of sailing!but safe and sound,on time to get to miri in sarawak,by friday,we then need to fly to kota kinabaku to fly to sipidan 24 sept for 40 n m will pass KK,then 180 n m past brunei,to the safety of miri marina,sarawak.bye for now,love bruce/dad and kerry

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