Saturday, 8 September 2012

WRECK DIVING from puerto del sol 07sept2012

there are several WW2 japanese ship wrecks very close to resort ,so we booked another days wreck diving. Alao they claim this area to be in top 5 wreck dive sites in the world.a civilised stert at 0900,with briefing by Freddy,the french dive instructor.another excellent safe divemaster,.lovely open plan dive center,just downstairs from on bangka,with michael,who is ta=echnician,and bon,the boat captain.the first wreck was AKITSUSHINA,see drawing was a seaplane was sunk on 24sept1944 by US airforce planes,from aircraft the time it was the longest distance air-raid attack,and thus caught he japanese by surprise.lots of mangled metal-marking the horror of it has pretty sealife.We went down to 35 meters,which is deepish for us ,and did some penetration,the term they use for going inside the wreck.we had a surface interval of 90 minutes,so time for coffee and bananas,and short ride to next wreck-TAIEI MARU.OIL TANKER,SFINALLY SUNK ON 9 OCT,1944.SET ON FIRE ON 1ST RAID,BUT DIDNT SINK TILL 2ND USAF RAID.NOT SO DEEP,AND A MUCH LOMGER PENETRATION.MORE MARINE LIFE-STINGRAY,soory about caps!,lots of nudibranches.back at resort by 2.wash all our gear in their fresh water and leave out to dry.after lunch on haven,back to dive centre to pay for diving using paypal,and their patchy wifi.take gear back to haven,then over to swis resort for sunset drinks,with walter,a friend of swiss owner,who is caretaking.amazing 43 storet white buiding on top of hill.also 8 white chalets-we were shown inside one-very guests at moment.a nice cold sam miguel,overlooking pool,and across huge bay of islands,.photos later as doing this entry by sailmail,as no internet at moment.after the lovely sunset,back to pds resort for dinner-just us,fish curry with freshly cooked pita bread,candlelight,nice spanish housewine.watched lightning getting closer,so paid our running tab,and back home,put dinghy and outboard aboard,put sunshades awat,in preparation for departure next day,.Then sat on back of haven, enjoying the view and ambience and lightning display.enjoying a 5 year old australian chardonay we got cheap at labuan duty free-it was superb,especially with some real parmesan cheese.

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