Friday, 28 September 2012

DIVE SIPIDAN tue 25/09/2012

What a magical day!
Mango and coffee 0530.speedboat departure 0600. Arrive sipidan0630.just a little green island(13acres) with pale beach.there is a small hut where you sign in.40 rm ($13) per day for permit.
1st dive =Coral Garden.the highlights were the Bumphead Parrotfish and the Barracuda.
The BUMPHEAD PARROTFISH swam in huge schools in single file,big grey fish,with huge teeth.the teeth crunch the coral.
The BARRACUDA were in a large school,slowly swimming into the current,killing machines in slow motion up close.
Then we went deeper- half a dozen reef sharks and turtles- fabulous.
Back to island ,for cooked breakfast.
Dive #2-Barracuda point.huge school of Jacks- siver fisg,swimming slowly,mouths opening and closing,fish all around us- magic.then deeper- sharks and turtles galore.
After another surface break on island,hot coffee,did dive  #3=HAnging Garden.about .20 sharks,and50 turtles! Many swimming by very  slowly and very close.some turtles resting on sandy ledges  in rockwall.
Sipidan has lived up to its reputation!
Back to rig by shower.lovely papers and book,have a nap,then 5 pm ferry over to mabul is a small island with several luxery resorts,with many rooms on stilts over water.however half the island has local housing,providing a dramatic contrast- many very smakk and rustic.perhaps another contrast- none were overweight,and they were very happy,especially the the bay in front of resorts were live aboard boats- local people, with women cooking on little fires on back.teenage boys on coloutful speedboats were sharpening harpoons. Lovely greenblue water - all very photogenic.young boys were swimming.walking on,we were on a beach belonging to resort,another contrast,going from a crowded scene of brown people in clothes,to uncrowded beach with white people wearing very little.we then continued around the island,past local stilt houses silohetted by lovely sunset,then main local village,then a few more resorts,then back to jetty for 6.30 ferry back.7pm dinner- they have a very good cook here.during the meal there was live music- very tgood,3 guitarists,and drummer,all rig crew,with lead singer being Mando.then out came a birthday cake as the band played happy birthday- it was the boss's birthday- everyone sang happy birthday- a popular boss.he made a short speech,saying he had the best crew ever,so they all cheered and sang again as the band played H B again,a great night.after a break,the party was ready for second session at 9.30,but we were ready for bed.
And the noticeboard says we are diving SIPIDAN again tomorrow,so. 6 am depature.

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