Tuesday, 4 September 2012

CORON TOWN 4sept12

the sun came out so did some laundry,and the dive equipment finally driedDid some trip planning-Kerry put in waypoints and worked out distances..Kerry gave the head (the loo) the vaseline treatment,and it pumps easily again..Went ashore in dinghy,and got a motorcycle trike to petronas petrol station,to get 4 jerrycans of diesel.got them back on boat,then headed in to climb the hill with giant cross above coron.726 steps.great views.Haven sitting sedaredly at anchor in middle of bay.then to ATM,then to butcher shop,called jamaica meats, for pork,.then fruit and vege market nice jeepney drove past with Be Happy signage..back just before rain..pork chops and  4veges-just like home..a cosy night in the rain on haven.Moving on tomorrow.
reading biography of Jose Rizal,philippines national hero and martyr.there was a statue of him in coron civic centre we walked past today.
CONGRATULATIONS -to ken and wendy on selling Cop Out,
& to adam and kay,formerly on Lucis Dream,for buying cop out.

this internet too slow to download photos.

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