Thursday, 20 September 2012


This was our wildest passage yet.187 nm,34 hours,overnight,nonstop.
we rechecked weather first thing,and while not great,going back seemed better than being a sitting duck in el nido anchorage.We said goodbye to papillion and naiete,then rushed in to collect laundry and get breadrolls.we left about 10 in sunshine,but half an hour later,while still amongst he islands,with mainsail with 2nd reef half up,we got hit by our strongest storm yet.35 knots with gusts to main up,and partially furled foresail,and started clearing the islands and finding open so cold and wet ,i put my wetsuit on.will have to think new dodger with sides.lots of swell.only lasted an hour.all good experience.By 2pn we were rounding the top of palawan,with a storm behind us .we went south and it missed us.Calmer seas in lee of sw wind ,on east coast.glad we were not going down west coast.That night was a dark night,so lots of squid boats out.good progress till wind on nose,20-25 knots,gusts to43,big swell,and slow going motoring into it.moved away from coast and got better angle,doing 6 knots.then came the rain,flatter seas,less wind,good progress,chartplotter says can make puerto princesa by 7pm.which we did,in a rain after sunset,but we crept in again,using chartplotter to avoid 22 boats at anchor,before was 18.Kerry showed great spatial ability choosingsafe spot to drop anchor.What a relief.anchor alarm says not dragging.dinner=all our leftover veges boiled and topped witg grated parmesan cheese and pepper,with a lovely 3 y o oz chardonnay.early bed and deep sleep.

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