Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Art cafe do 4 main island tours-see brochure photo.we chose tour A Minoloc island-kayak and snorkel.the weather didnt look perfect as we dinghied ashore in the rain.our big banga was waiting for us at the beach,with 3 double kayaks loaded on the outriggers.took about 20 minutes to get over to minoloc,and on the way they had to hand out the raincoats.we put our short wetsuits on and were OK.The banga then left the sea,going into island via narrow shallow passage,to Big Lagoon-lovely still blue water,with tall steep grey limestone cliffs with adherent tropical vegetation-most spectacular,and a great kayaking spot.
Then around to Secret Lagoon.Quite rough,so we had to wear masks when swimming to beach,to see rocks under water.safely on beach,we went thru a very small opening in cliff to a lovely little lagoon,open to the sky,but completely surrounded by high cliffs.Next stop was Small Lagoon.we kayaked into it via a small hole in cliff-more spectacular scenary.We then had lunch on a lovely beach-luckily the rain had stopped and the sun came out.after a nice snorkel over coral reef,they served a great meal they had just cooked on the beach.On the way to last stop we were hit by a big storm-at one stage there was a 360 degree after a short snorkel,we headed back to el nido.I was relieved to see haven ,albeit not where we had left her.klaus on papillion, noted haven dragging,went over in his dinghy,let out more chain and stopped her.he said they had wind gusts up yo 45 knots during storm.Not a relaxing anchorage in this we want to get going.had a very relaxing sundowners on papillion with klaus and aneth.we were most appreciative of his rescue.he also showed us latest weather-with a depression in n e philippines making s w tradewinds and seas worse off west coast palawan-and not we will go north over top palawan,and back down east coast.small world-klaus built papillion in patterson,about 10 km from our is amazing it ooks so immaculate as he built it in 1986.

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