Thursday, 20 September 2012


A few familiar yachts-babadudu and amazing grace heading north,azzan also going south.our oddtsy and veedon fleece came over for a chat.anchored off Albonoca Yacht Club is one our favourite places.
we checked the weather,.the depression had turned into a typhoon.alth in N E p,pines,& not heading away our way,it still creates bad weather down here,so probably not able to continue for a few we had a complete day on the boat,.so nice.time for rading and relaxing.kerry-land below the wind.bruce-twice shy-ancient 1982 dick francis thriller.also started paul theroux's the happy isles of oceania-paddling the chap 20-the cook islands-in the lagoon of aitutaki-a book to read by also started another dick francis-the edge 1988.
The next day ,sat,still intermittentrain and departed.did a diesel run.the buoy weather wer subscribe to indicatescan go on mon or tue.
On Sunday we got a trike to markets to provision.a full house for abonica yachtclub buffet.a great atmosphere.dinner on haven,and final weather check-we leave tomorrow.

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